CNC Turning
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CNC Turning

With our Turn/Mill Turning Centres we can produce high quality complex parts more efficiently offering our customers great value and rapid production times. From one off prototypes to large batch quantities our capacity allows us to meet your requirements. Recent investment in our turning department has seen our capacity grow and now includes the latest in lathe tools from Hurco and Biglia including:

TMM10 Live tool lathe's, 3" bar capacity and max turning diameter of 295mm.

TM6i's with bar feeds, 40mm bar capacity and max turning diameter of 316mm.

Biglia B565YS turn/mill with sub spindle, 70mm bar capacity and max turning diameter of 290mm.

Biglia B465 T2Y2 turn/mill twin turret, twin spindle, 70mm bar capacity and max turning diameter of 200mm.

Our turned parts are used in the medical, defence, automotive and electronics sectors to name but a few. We can offer 24/7 lights out production with our fully automated process.


CNC Turning

Our bar feed lathes allow us to run large batch quantities 24/7 resulting in excellent lead times.

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Partnering with some of the worlds leading brands has enabled AES to position itself at the forefront of manufacturing at every scale.


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