Change Parts
Designed and engineered in house to keep your lines running.


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Change Parts

AES is one of the largest change parts suppliers to the filling and labelling industries, specialising in the cosmetics industry. We are able to completely engineer solutions for your lines when your product changes, or simply replace worn and damaged components.

We have recently developed our own line of quick change components to speed up line changes on many popular brands of production line machines. Not only are line change times vastly improved, but health and safety for line engineers is improved with our tool-less systems. Meaning less accidents in the work place, and less wear caused by the use of tools or over tightening.

We also conduct site visits to gather as much technical information so production down time can be reduced by not having to send components off site.

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Partnering with some of the worlds leading brands has enabled AES to position itself at the forefront of manufacturing at every scale.


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Quality staff, Quality equipment, and Quality customers are what drive AES to constantly improve and invest in ways to provide the best service our clients deserve.